Mumnoke is dedicated to contemporary jewelry design. Every piece undergoes meticulous handcrafting in Lisbon, seamlessly blending minimalistic elements with edgy punk-inspired aesthetics to establish a distinctive visual narrative. The focus at Mumnoke goes beyond mere accessories. Each piece serves as a bold statement of individuality, underscored by our unwavering dedication to infuse versatility and intelligence into every design.

Joana Santos is the founder and creative director behind Mumnoke, a handcrafted jewelry brand based in Lisbon. Born and raised in the Portuguese capital, Joana's journey into the world of jewelry design began with her studies in design and fashion. With a degree in Product Design at Faculty of Fine Arts and a Master's in Fashion Design, Joana's passion for creativity, innovative expression and attention to detail naturally led her to explore the art of jewelry making. Enrolling in a specialized jewelry course, she immersed herself in the craft, mastering the intricate techniques required to create pieces that transcend mere adornment.



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